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"I have had an amazing experience so far with Interact Languages. I'm learning Spanish to be able to speak with my in laws. I have taken traditional style classes before and came away with some vocabulary but no conversational skills. The set up of this conversational class is amazing and I've learned so much. Each week I can build on my conversational skills and have more in depth conversations each week. They provide awesome packets so you don't need to buy a book and the packets are well thought out and are taught in a great sequence. I can't wait to take an Intermediate class in the spring! Also very affordable classes!!" - Maggie Moore

"I just started classes and lessons with Interact in March and have really enjoyed them. The instruction is wonderful and very flexible. They really work towards accommodating all levels of students--which is not easy!" - Erin Mackie

"My daughter has been attending the Spanish classes for kids at InterAct for about five or six weeks now and we've been very pleased! As a language instructor myself, I’ve wanted to teach my daughter to speak Spanish, but I've just never had the time to do it. The classes are fun (books and games for kids, they even cooked one week!). She's learned a lot and I'm happy to see her excited to learn Spanish (finally!). It's also nice for her to be around other kids interested in learning languages, too. Highly recommended!" - Christopher Hromalik.

 "I decided to take the Italian class at InterAct to strengthen my fluency after years of neglect. Several weeks later I already felt much more comfortable. I plan on doing a refresher at some point before I travel to Italy. Beyond accomplishing what I set out to do the overall experience was very enjoyable. Engracia and Ana are creating a place where learning is fun and the atmosphere makes everyone feel you are among friends. Oh yes, and the teacher Michela is a blast with an infectious personality! Highly Recommended!!!" - Frank Cava.

 "My two boys take Spanish lessons at InterAct every week and they love it! They are eager to go there. The instructor – Ana Guerrero has very effective teaching methods. She keeps it fun and interesting. The boys go through short lectures and then practice everything while doing games and hands on activities. Every lesson is different and the topics are engaging for the kids. My sons also had a few Chinese lessons at InterAct with Yao Xu. Yao connects with kids especially well. InterAct Language Center has a very inviting atmosphere and the co-directors Engracia Schuster and Ana Guerrero offer a large variety of lessons in many foreign languages. They also organize a lot of informative cultural events." - Maria Vitas.

 "I'm taking a Spanish 2 course and I love that it's a small group of the same level as me. I appreciate the teacher speaking in a way that helps me follow what she is saying and I get plenty of opportunities to speak! It's exactly what I was looking for! And it's so reasonably priced which is great." - Kerin Rigney.

 "I've been taking beginner's Spanish for several months. The class has been great and I was able to understand conversations and talk a little bit when I went to Barcelona last month. Besides that it's fun to learn a new language and gain a new appreciation for the different ways we have to express thoughts and ideas." - David Kauffman.