We work with schools & universities

It is well known that students who take foreign languages improve academically.  Yet, many schools are cutting language offerings due to budget constraints or inability to find qualified instructors.  InterAct works directly with public and private schools and universities to fill potential gaps in their language offerings. 

Another issue is the fact that many students find the study of a foreign language too difficult. Indeed, success in language learning greatly depends on what learning methods and techniques are used.  At InterAct we take great pride in our proven success getting students to learn to speak the target language.  We design engaging activities according to the age and level of each student or group of students that focus on the practical production of the language first, and form second.  This approach awakens learners’ interest in the language and culture and motivates them to continue studying the language.

Contact Us 

An InterAct representative will be happy to meet with your academic coordinator to discuss your school’s particular needs and offer comprehensive and affordable solutions.  Languages we offer include, but are not limited to, Arabic, Chinese, English (ENL), French and Spanish.

Upon coming to a contractual agreement, InterAct will:

  • Develop sequential curricula for every level of proficiency
  • Create course syllabi, stimulating activities, and formal and informal assessments following the institution’s established policies and procedures
  • Select appropriate textbooks according to InterAct’s teaching philosophy
  • Identify and hire qualified, part-time, language instructors as needed
  • Train and supervise instructors, including two observations the first semester, or two per academic year
  • Guarantee high-quality of instruction

Other possible services upon request:

  • Before and after-school programs
  • Private or group tutoring services
  • Teacher training workshops
  • Cultural events
  • Translations, interpretation and other related services

Our Academic Director, Engracia Schuster, holds a MS in Foreign Language Education and a MA in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture, has over thirty years of experience teaching languages, and is the author of “Critical Thinking in Language Learning”.